Best C and R challenge? We all have cameras on phones. 



25 greatest all time C and R videos

fog...big fish!T here.

new videos 2019 at bottom

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In order to keep these great fish around, please, catch and release big fish over 40 pounds; the

small ones taste better anyway!


Many more videos of catch-and-release on facebook.  Catch-and-release is your choice. It took me a long time, probably too long, to start to practice catch-and-release of big fish. I killed a lot of fish for ego sake. But today we have such great cameras on our phones, we cant accurately capture the size and fight,


. let us put you in this video

.One of  many 2016 sucecful  releases

close to 50 pounds released, July 2015

I have  challenged world record holder Greg Myerson for a catch and release contest reality show, no response yet.