Six hours, full tide, $800 full day offshore $1200

Catching a fish off the Vector then entering/weighing  it in

a tournament  somewhere else will not be tolerated....

typical catch


please: if prone to seasickness, take seasick med night before trip

Tell me of any health,/mental health issues

Drinking ( a couple of beers) only allowed on way back to dock. (You need your balance to catch fish!) This is high end fishing not a booze cruize. There better boats for this

No pill issues please, no pot smoking,

please tell me if you have no fishing experience at all, that's fine, we will work with you, but good to know.

if you drop a rod over-board you have to pay for it. if you lose more than three rigs you must pay 5 dollars a rig.

I don't use a mate, I can get one if you want/need.

Not he nicest boat in the world but fast we get to the fish quik but sacrifice some comfort. We  catch are limit and drive home. If you want to watch tv , make cell phone calls or watch movies in comfy cabin this is not your boat,. this is hard , fun fishing. we aim for limits, and records.