please: if prone to seasickness, take seasick med night before trip

Tell me of any health,/mental health  issues

Drinking ( a couple of beers) only allowed on way back to dock. (You need your balance to catch fish!)

No pill issues please, no pot smoking ,

please tell me if you have no fishing experience at all, that's fine, we will work with you, but good to know.

if you drop a rod over-board you have to pay for it. if you lose more than three rigs you must pay 5 dollars a rig.

I don't use a mate, I can get one if you want/need.

it is a center counsel open boat. we get to the fish quik but sacrifice  some comfort. We  catch are limit and drive home. If you want to watch tv , make cell phone calls or watch movies in comfy cabin this is not your boat,. this is hard , fun fishing. we aim for limits, and records. 

Catching a fish off the Vector then entering/weighing  it in

a tournament  somewhere else will not be tolerated....

Rates $800 full day,  $600 half day/ night bass, Block Island (add $50 gas surcharge) Canyon $1000. Sharks $700. As always fish guarantee or no pay. This is Montauk, not catching is not an option. I don't/wont take people on a boat rides. If the fish arn't there I wont go. I want repeat customers who eat fish.

$350 kids porgies/sea bass trip (3 hours) non stop action guaranteed

typical catch