I am happy to report that I just renewed my U.S.C.G. six passenger license for the second time. So am privileged to be able to legally take people fishing on beautiful Block Island Sound this year again.

When I first got my license ten years ago, I was mating on boats (The Fisherman 2 ((fall 2006)), the Viking,(summer 2004) the famous Nicole Marie under legendary captain jimmy Goerge, (over 200 trips,( 2007, 2008)  So as  not to anger  the other captains, I hung a benign little shingle in front of my modest 22 foot boat saying "Second Choice Charters," and below that "If the top guys can't take you, I can". But now, ten years later having one of the biggest best built/safest center councils in Montauk today, coupled with the fact that few have caught more 40 pound plus striped bass in their lifetime than me. ( fewer have released as many..See Videos!)  I think I can finally put my hat in the ring for "first choice charters." 

 While striped bass is my thing, I am trained and skilled in all fisheries, from porgies to canyon tuna trips.

I was once a NYC third grade teacher, (three years in the Bronx)  my favorite thing to do is take kids porgy and sea bass fishing. It is a blast!! I have many references and videos on Facebook of kids having fun. I will get them hooked.

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