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Albies in fall  light tackle 

Gaint porgies may trip Gardeners island

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Lot boat/engine set backs last season, so just took friends last year. Still managed to get in some great trips;.... couple of bass were close to 50 pounds, if not way over, both were released. Also had a few small makos, and thresher sharks, all released. loads of huge Sea bass and porgies off Block Island, fluking was tough, i don't think we broke 8 pounds this year..  trying to find something for 2019

50 pounds plus.

released by Rick, close to 50 pounds

released, 35 pounder, guys came from South Carolina! to get the big ones. left dock at 5 am~ 

Amazing night bight! 

Black fish!  favorate fish  by far!! 

Close to 50 pounds